Caregivers / Informal Care Partners provide a wide range of services to the people for whom they are caring.

Whether loved ones, neighbors, relatives, or friends.

Driving someone to a doctor’s appointment, bringing food, assisting with medications or wound care, helping with simple daily tasks, providing companionship...

A caregiver / Care partner may do all these things and more.

With funding from the National Institutes of Health we are building TOGETHERCare™ which is a smartphone application that caregivers / informal care partners will use to help with home-based care for patients.

It is funded by NIH to help ease the caregiving burden by providing resources and information and to help care partners, patients and doctors.

We would love your input so that we can make the Medable TOGETHERCare™ app as useful as possible.

As a thank-you for testing the app, we will offer a $50 gift card to 40 eligible individuals at the end of the testing month.

While we hope it is possible for you to answer all of the questions in each survey, if you do not feel comfortable answering a particular question you are able to skip it.

We may reach out to some testers for interviews to ask additional questions. We anticipate use of the app will take approximately 1-2 hours per week and greatly appreciate your time.

If you want additional information, please email us or call us 650-723-7118.

Download the TOGETHERCare app here (A pin code is required to enroll. Please use the above contact information to obtain access).