Why I Joined Medable

Diversity & Drive

Jared Klingeisen is Senior Vice President of Partner DCT Enablement Strategy.

Save the Date!

Since I joined Medable 3 years ago a lot has changed, but many of the reasons I joined still hold true today and continue to evolve as we grow. To highlight a few of them:

Mission Driven Mindset

We spend a lot of our lives working. I wanted to work somewhere that my tireless work ethic and effort could help others. At Medable our mission is to enable effective therapies to reach patients faster through better clinical trials. If we do our jobs well there can be less suffering and better health. This is why we do what we do, and it’s why I enjoy waking up and going to work every day. It’s empowering and rewarding to work with colleagues that share this same drive and passion.

Diverse Perspectives

I’m a firm believer that people make a company. In order for us to disrupt and evolve we have to think differently. As a result our team is made up of incredible people from different industries, companies, countries and walks of life. Those different perspectives and backgrounds help us to look at and resolve problems in a new and often better way. For example, our Patient Advisory Council provides us the direct perspective of patients, family members and researchers that are fighting the diseases we hope to help cure.

Our diverse teams span across the globe, and the unique perspectives each person brings help us better serve our partners and patients, create opportunities for more diversity and inclusion in clinical trials, and keep us laser focused on our mission.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

One of the things I often hear in interviews is that people want to work somewhere where their thoughts, ideas and suggestions are heard and respected. Time and again I hear stories of companies where suggestions for improvement take so long to go “up the chain'' that they don’t make a timely impact. Here we strive to constantly “uplevel” our organization and encourage everyone to share their thoughts and drive improvement on a daily basis. Together we collaborate to build a company and a solution that we are all proud to be a part of.

At Medable, we continue to look for people who think differently to join our diverse and ever-evolving team. I think Michelle (our CEO) said it best, “If you love learning, are humble but confident, empathetic yet unrelenting in the pursuit of goals, are inspired to be the best teammate and fiercest opponent - and, most importantly - are dedicated to the mission of getting effective therapies to patients faster Medable wants you.”

View our open positions: https://www.medable.com/company/careers