Virtual Summit

SCOPE 2021 Virtual Summit

Alison Holland

Alison (Ali) Holland is Head of Decentralized Clinical Trials at Medable and is chartered to design and expand the end-to-end capabilities..

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A 20-minute session, Hivemind: How to Leverage Sensors and Wearables in a Decentralized World Using a Flexible, Unified Approach. The industry has begun to discover that additional quality of life, disease state, and demographic data can often increase the chance of approval with regulatory agencies.

The result? Sponsors and CROs are rapidly increasing their usage of the latest sensors and wearables. 

The problem? However, it’s not that simple. As many have found out, managing multiple devices with different data sources can create as many problems as they solve. 

The solution? - A single, unified platform to govern all devices. 

How? Watch Ali Holland, Head of Decentralized Clinical Trials and Solutions, present at SCOPE 2021 as she helped attendees navigate how to utilize a single platform for virtually all sensors and wearables, and shares a number of relevant real-world examples and use cases.