Read: A letter from Michelle Longmire, CEO

Dr. Longmire is mission-driven to accelerate the development of new therapies for disease.

Save the Date!

From the Desk of Michelle Longmire, CEO

Big bold ideas often drive innovation. In healthcare, it is imperative that scientific rigor is applied to prove the benefit of innovation. While it has been widely discussed in the Clinical Trial Enterprise that decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) have the potential to accelerate clinical research, this discussion has mostly used anecdotal evidence – until now.

The findings of this research, based on more than 150 Medable clinical trials and the economic analysis of Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development researchers, show DCTs are highly cost effective and improve clinical development beyond the status quo. This is the first quantifiable evidence for the value of DCTs with forthcoming submission to a peer-reviewed publication.

Medable is on a mission to enable effective therapies to reach patients faster. This requires innovation that helps to build a more equitable system for medical research that makes clinical trials more accessible and inclusive. I’ve said in the past that we live in an era of exponential medical advancements, that we should challenge ourselves to think about how digital can transform the scientific backbone of how we do clinical research.

Our team at Medable is not only deeply committed to our mission but dedicated to rigorously evaluating the impact of our company’s innovation. This Tufts study shines a bright light on DCTs and their role in evidence development in medicine. By showcasing the net benefits for drug developers and patients, this research validates DCTs as a critical innovation on the path to enabling effective therapies to reach patients faster. I am proud to be able to share these results today.