Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) Master Class:

Equip your studies for digital success in 2022

Are you a sponsor or biotech professional that wants to become an expert in hybrid and decentralized clinical trial design?

Are you ready to learn how to uncover what Tuft’s describes as a possible “net benefit of up to 5x the upfront investment required in phase II studies, and up to 13x greater in phase III?”

For a limited time only, Medable is offering a free Certification in Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) through our Master Class.

In this class, Medable Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Jared Klingeisen and Director of Business Development, Mike Eckrote will discuss the emergence of the DCT market and best practices for implementing digital strategies on your next study. Clinical teams will gain valuable knowledge and strategies to improve patient enrollment, engagement and retention and reduce overall delivery timelines and costs. In taking the DCT Master Class, you will gain:

  • A strong foundation of knowledge of hybrid and decentralized trials
  • The ability to convey key elements and best practices in implementing Decentralized Trials for customers
  • An understanding of how Decentralized Clinical Trials operate at both the site and patient levels
  • A DCT certification badge to profile your social media accounts (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter) and email signature

Learn from the No. 1 DCT provider in the industry!

Our speakers

Jared Klingeisen is Senior Vice President of Partner DCT Enablement Strategy.

Mike Eckrote is a Director of Business Development at Medable.

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