AVOCA Webinar

Medable and WCG Avoca Webinar

Quality Through Innovation: Building DCT Protocols

Vice President & General Manager, eConsent at Medable

As the leader of Avoca’s integrated consulting solutions and overseer of the Avoca Quality Consortium® workstreams, Crissy MacDonald prov...

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In Clinical Trials, Quality is often synonymous with study success.

Reducing the likelihood of errors increases the safety of study participants and the credibility of results. So how can today’s study teams harness innovative decentralized clinical trial (DCT) technologies to improve quality? It all starts with the right protocol.

In this webinar, Medable and WCG Avoca will share results from the 2020 Avoca State of the Industry Survey and real clinical trial case studies from Medable. In doing so, attendees will understand the common challenges faced by study teams, and how weaving DCT strategies into their protocols can help overcome them, improving quality across an array of activities and study health measures:

  • Enhanced Patient Safety Through Remote Monitoring
  • Increased Protocol Compliance and Study Retention
  • Increased Patient Access and Diversity
  • Denser, More Actionable Sets of Study Data