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Inclusivity in medicine: change accelerators/change makers

Speakers: Sans Thakur: Chief Growth Officer, Medable Inc. (Facilitator), Yele Aluko: Chief Medical Officer, Ernst & Young, Daniel Perez: Chief Executive Officer, Macro Trial

Sanskriti (Sans) Thakur is Medable's Chief Growth Officer. She most recently served as Global Life Sciences Research Lead for Accenture.

Proven MD/MBA physician executive and corporate leader with astute clinical and business healthcare industry expertise and insight.

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Who will ensure arbitrate inclusivity in science and medicine? Equitable access to medicine has been a long-standing concern within research. While Many proposals have been considered to address the issue,. None have created long-lasting change. In many ways, new technology is seen as a trusted bridge. Yet,– but it is only one part of the needed set of actions.  This discussion seeks to determine if research has truly entered a “new” era, one where sustainable change is probable. Specifically, it will explore explores the actions needed to support inclusivity in medicine through the suggested collaboration of industry, health systems, providers and new-tech leaders. This is not a “new” problem. Are we in a “new” time, where sustainable change is probable?