Improve Trial Enrollment Using Patient Perspectives and Technology

With many clinical trials still facing enrollment and diversity issues, it’s clear there’s still much work to be done by our industry.

Companies must understand that simply adding technology won’t fix issues with patients. Instead, it takes deploying carefully crafted technology experiences built in concert with patient perspectives to succeed.

In this webinar, Nisha Trivedi, Patient Advocate, and Jena Daniels, VP of Patient Success showcase how adding technology in clinical trials enables greater diversity and an increase in study enrollment upfront and maintains patient engagement over the course of the study.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How establishing internal relationships with end-users (patients, caregivers, and sites) will increase technology adoption
  • How to use technology to increase participant access, engagement, retention, and education
  • How to navigate uncertainties in technology and approach while balancing the needs of participants providing them with a positive and differentiated experience
  • How to ensure patients, caregivers, and sites are engaged in the study design and implementation process

Jena is an experienced research manager with 10 years of experience in enabling digital solutions within academic and industry sponsored...

Nisha has been a patient advocate for the rare disease community, raising public awareness of the genetic skin disorder Epidermolysis Bullosa.

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