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Everything you need to know about adopting eConsent

In 2023, more sponsors than ever before will drop paper consent. Why?

Research shows that global patient dropout rates have risen another 4% in recent years, with 35% of dropouts naming the consent process as part of their reasoning. Given that the average cost for a delayed trial is between $600,000 and $8 million per day, sponsors are learning they can’t afford to continue using paper consent.    

However, it takes more than just applying eConsent to your study to see value. 

Watch the on-demand discussion between Camila Matheny, DCT implementation expert, and Annie Hesslewood, Site & Patient adoption lead at Medable, as they discuss the benefits of adopting consent management technology and provide best practices around developing change management and training programs to help sponsors, CROs and sites get the most out of eConsent.

An expert in clinical trial operations, Camila works closely with Pharma, Biotech and CRO customers to clearly articulate the value of DCT technologies.

Annie Hesslewood is the Patient & Site, Global Adoption Lead

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