Medable at DIA 2021

Decentralized Clinical Trials - Accelerate Drug Development Through Anytime, Anywhere Participation

Alison (Ali) Holland is Head of Decentralized Clinical Trials at Medable and is chartered to design and expand the end-to-end capabilities.

As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Pamela Tenaerts oversees Medable’s clinical research department to help identify, develop and implement...

Jared Klingeisen is Senior Vice President of Partner DCT Enablement Strategy.

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What's the best way for an organization to prepare for the continued digitization and decentralization of trials?

Join Medable experts and find out, as they lead attendees through the key questions and strategies used to set and define digital and decentralized drug development strategy. 

Attendees will walk away with a thorough understanding of the benefits and needs of a proper DCT strategy, including:

  • Scale - Portfolio transformation powered by digital outcomes and decision making 
  • Inclusion - Global accessibility, deployment and consistency
  • Speed - What does faster look like in the future?
  • Adoption - What are the current barriers and resistance to adoption?
  • Cost - Strategies to control and reduce timeline and cost variation

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