Jared Klingeisen

Senior Vice President, Partner DCT Enablement Strategy

Jared Klingeisen is Senior Vice President of Partner DCT Enablement Strategy. Since joining the company in 2018, Jared has successfully led strategic initiatives including founding Medable’s delivery teams and the operational model used to deliver 150+ trials worldwide and counting.

As Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) continue to move to the forefront, there was a need to raise the collective understanding of DCT in the industry. In response to this, Jared and many other incredible team members formed the world’s first DCT certification program, the Medable DCT Academy. Today, the Medable Academy offers best practices, case studies, and examples from Medable’s deep experience with decentralized trials to pharma and biotech leaders around the world.  

Prior to Medable, Jared served as one of the youngest Implementation Executives ever at Epic, the largest EHR provider in the US. Jared graduated from Marquette University with degrees in International Business and Finance.