Turn your vision for digital health into reality

Beyond the Medable platform, our team has a deep understanding of how to design, test, and build the best digital health technologies. From ideation to regulation, we can work directly (often on site) with your organization to create a fully staffed and scaled digital health capability.

Full Service. Full Spectrum.

  • Clinical strategist
  • Patient engagement strategist
  • Data strategist
  • Regulatory and compliance strategist
Designing for Digital Health

Our design team has extensive experience creating healthcare solutions that optimize for usability and adoption.

Dedicated design services that scale to meet your needs


Our team has deep experience in mobile and web development on the Medable platform.

  • Scalable to meet innovation demands of your organization.
  • Extensive digital health experience
  • Best end-to-end mobile and web solutions
  • Rapid, agile development process
Systems Integrations

Medable Innovation Core has over 20 years of combined experience in healthcare systems integrations. From EMRs to legacy backend systems, our team can integrate your Medable powered solutions into your broader health technology ecosystem.

Regulatory Guidance

For technology to transform lives, digital solutions must be safe and adhere to regulatory guidelines and processes. MIC provides full-scope regulatory and compliance guidance to navigate your company and solution through the evolving regulatory landscape of digital health.

  • FDA strategy and guidance
  • Registered clinical trial guidance
  • Medical device approval guidance
  • Intelligent solution approval guidance
  • Our team can provide
  • HIPAA compliance
  • European compliance
  • Global compliance guidance