BioStat & Data Science
Lean on
our data
Let our award-winning data science team handle the work, whether it's back-end validation, formatting, or exploratory research services.

Get it Right the First Time

Arm your studies with clean, actionable trial data that can be viewed in real time, guiding your sites and study teams towards key decisions.

Ensure Your Trial Asks the Right Questions

Receive best-practice support from our Data Science Team in the design of study diaries/questionnaires.
Accelerating the pace of clinical development will help patients get access to life-saving therapies more quickly. We’re excited to help power Medable’s work in accelerating clinical trials by making it easier to connect to the ecosystem of real-world data.
Travis May, CEO of Datavant

Keep Your Data Clean And See Poor Performers

Identify in real-time areas of non-compliance/poor performers who may be compromising the data quality/integrity using our Data Science Team's backend analysis of your trial's metadata.

Why Medable?

Give your patients a solution that’s easy to use and fits within their daily lives

Over 65 years’ combined experience and knowledge

Seasoned in exploratory research and current analytical methodologies