Medable SVP Talks Digital Disruption in Clinical Trials

FOSTER CITY–Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, PhD, Medable’s Senior Vice President of Research and Strategy, will be speaking about innovation in clinical trials at tomorrow’s Bay Area Biotech-Pharma Statistics Workshop (BBSW).  Dr. Oakley-Girvan’s talk, “From Hypothesis to Reality”, will be held on November 6 at 8:20 am-10:00 am and focus on data collection, digital biomarkers and wearable devices in clinical trials.
Clinical trials are going through a significant disruption as they move toward virtual trials.  Dr. Oakley-Girvan, who is also a consulting assistant professor at the Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection, will detail the move from site centric to direct-to-patient trials, and how Medable’s platform decreases time to market by providing virtual trial technology that enables patients, providers, CROs and sponsors to work as a clinical trial team.  Medable provides a suite of modular digital tools that are configured to meet the needs to each study and to break down traditional barriers such as poor study access, ineffective screening, limited participation, and site inefficiency.  “Early data suggests that mobile may lead to better outcomes in specific therapeutic areas,” says Dr. Oakley-Girvan who believes future clinical studies will enable unified patient data, create lower costs, and drive more drugs to market faster because of the efficiencies of technology.  Medable specializes in virtual clinical trials, and provides separate modules on a unified platform for more clinical trial efficiency.  Medable provides a suite of modular digital tools that are configured to meet the needs of each study and to strategically tackle traditional protocol barriers such as poor study access, ineffective screening, limited participation, and site inefficiency. Many modules on a unified platform means patients, sites, CROs, and sponsors can work as a trial team and operate more effectively.  Her talk will detail several use cases that show how researchers are using Medable’s industry-leading tools to create studies.   Moreover, she will address the importance of real time data, like symptom tracking and assessment, for smarter trials.  Given the increasing amount of health data to measure–and the need for a platform that unifies all of the information– statistical analysis will play a larger role in healthcare, she says, citing the emerging importance of deep learning.
The BBSW is a new conference promoting statistical impact and innovation.   Conference organizers say the San Francisco Bay Area is a unique hotbed for three booming industries: pharmaceutical, biotech, and high tech.