DGE 4th Virtual Clinical Trials

Innovation in Clinical Operations: Adaptations and Best Practices to Propel DCT Success

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If this pandemic has taught us anything it’s that the future is now – and decentralized clinical trials are here to stay. Deep dive into where we are headed and how to maintain data quality and integrity, through clinical operations best practices and technology. 

  • Snapshot of where we are (timeline)
  • Strategies to overcome perceived DCT adoption barriers of cost and regulations and to propel the success of future trials
  • Best practices for defining and using metrics to drive DCT adoption and success 
  • Examples of innovations that improve patient recruitment, access, and  monitoring 
  • Discuss innovative ways to keep the momentum of the positive exposure to decentralized trials and drive towards other therapeutic areas outside of COVID 19

Our speakers

Musaddiq is a VP, DCT Solutions, Vaccines, Infectious Diseases & Respiratory at Medable.