Debunking eCOA Myths: Executing for Greater Patient Engagement

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Webinar duration: 30 min

In patient-centric clinical trials, clinical assessments are essential to understand the impacts of a new therapy on certain endpoints. Fortunately, the pandemic showed us that COAs can be collected remotely by using decentralized technology like eClinROs, TeleVisits, ePROs and wearables to improve patient engagement, adherence and the overall experience. Despite this, many clinical research leaders are still holding onto prior misconceptions that limit the broader utilization and adoption of hybrid decentralized models. 

Join Medable as we discuss common eCOA myths and demonstrate the necessary elements to developing a hybrid decentralized clinical trial model, including:

  • strategies to eliminate a “one size fits all” approach, ensuring protocol-fit across phase and TA
  • capabilities to consider when choosing an eCOA solution that will drive engagement 
  • examples of how combining wearable technology and televisit capabilities with eClinROs can drive higher quality data collection 

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Our speakers

Solutions engineering and product management leader with 17 years' experience combining technology, life sciences and clinical trials skills

Jon McClelland is the SVP, General Manager or eCOA, at Medable. Jon has spent 20+ years focused innovating patient experience data collec...

RJ Lozano has spent over 20 years within the EDC and eCOA spaces, including 6 years of data management experience at invivodata, 13 years of

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