Clinical Trials Digital Week

Decentralized Clinical Trials Have Arrived: Amplify Science with Patient-Centered Design and Experience

Medable has reached its 100th trial, signaling a new era in clinical trials, one that democratizes patient access by removing the barriers posed by geography. Today’s trials offer sponsors and CROs new opportunities to improve time to treatment and realize operational efficiencies across R&D using a new set of unified patient-focused digital approaches.

However, how sponsors choose to deploy these tools is key in realizing efficiencies. 

Join Medable’s Executive VP of Life Sciences Tyler Pugsley, Digital Endpoint GM Gillian Livock, and Chief Design Officer Sina Mossayeb as they share lessons learned and best practices from their time spent modernizing trials with flexible, modular, and seamless decentralized solutions. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of:

  • Best practices for future trial design,
  • Lessons learned over the course of 100+ decentralized trials across 1M patients, and
  • How to create a design state for our end users, in order to improve the experience for all and increase adoption

Our speakers

Tyler Pugsley, Medable’s Vice President of Life Sciences has almost a decade of experience partnering with pharmaceutical sponsors and...

Gill has over 20 years of experience in life sciences and clinical trials.

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