Medable Discusses Clinical Trials at Eye For Pharma Patient Summit

PHILADELPHIA—In a conference focusing on how to engage and empower patients in clinical trials, Medable CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire today discussed the company’s work on the Digitome, which makes clinical trials a care option and a consumer experience while dramatically reducing the cost and time for life-saving therapies to get to market. The Digitome is a comprehensive digital representation of personal and community health and disease built through Medable’s platform, which gets patient generated data via smartphone applications.  By making patients active participants on the design and delivery of care, and empowering patients with personalized health insights, researchers are using the Medable platform for clinical trials.
Eye For Pharma’s 15th Annual Patient Summit USA brought together more than 200 senior clinical and commercial pharma executives, advocates and patients to drive change.
In her talk, Longmire said patient engagement is rapidly evolving, and patient-centric research can lead to insights.  “Medable aims to disrupt the standard of practice to radically improve human health and give back to those that participate in the Digitome project through a decentralized, collaborative health, action, and insight network,” she said.  She added AI is being used to look for patterns in the ways patients contract diseases and react to medication, to give doctors more information about people’s health.    Medable recently won the Dpharm Idol Award, and Novartis named it a collaborator for its Biome.  Earlier this year FastCompany Magazine awarded Longmire one of its most creative people in business awards for her work on the Digitome.
Along with Longmire, executives from Novartis, Merck and other companies gave presentations about the importance of patient-centric research.  Marc Boutin, CEO of the National Health Council, talked about the importance of “crossing the patient engagement adoption chasm” by identifying tactics to make patient engagement in drug development the rule, not the exception, and said it’s critical to “recognize how the implementation of FDA actions is pushing patient engagement into the early majority.”