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Tufts Whitepaper

Written by Tufts CSDD, read the first-ever industry analysis on the impact of DCT to see why it’s faster and cheaper than traditional trial conduct.

DCT Factsheet

Simplify the trial experience with a platform purpose built by clinicians, patient advocates, and technology experts. Learn all about DCT.

Medable DCT Certification

Certification for all roles interested in understanding how to embrace hybrid to fully decentralized clinical trials. This includes a comprehensive overview of digital screening, eCOA, eConsent, TeleVisit, and remote patient monitoring.

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eConsent Case Study

See how we were able to save one sponsor 20M with eConsent and more.

eConsent Fact Sheet

Learn how our eConsent can retain more patients by increasing education and comprehension.

Vaccine Fact Sheet

Learn about our pre-built vaccine offering to see how we can deploy your next trial in 5-weeks or less.