Medable for Sites

Empower sites with seamless clinical data capture, virtual visit technology, and remote patient connectivity.

Investing in eSource with Medable can:

  1. Reduce the costs associated with paper
  2. Shorten trial timelines by eliminating duplicative work
  3. Enhance monitoring

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Our Capabilities

Medable’s technology is currently being used by over 750,000 patients across 5 continents. We are the only enterprise cloud purpose built for life sciences with dedicated AI and machine learning. We have experience with registry studies and Phase I-IV clinical trials as well as in the following areas and more.

Digitizing the Clinical Trial process

  • ePRO
  • eCOA
  • eConsent
  • Virtual Trials
  • Connected devices
  • mHealth and patient monitoring apps
  • Global Device Provisioning
  • Digital endpoint design
  • Global platform
  • Trial reporting and analytics