Medable for Patients

ePRO and eConsent

Digitally-enabled trials require best-in-class technology. Medable delivers a superior patient experience to optimize engagement and improve data quality.

Engaging patient experience

Empower patients and drive engagement while capturing real-time study data anytime, anywhere, from dynamic apps and connected devices.

  • Activate

    Identify eligible patients
    Outreach via email and/or app
    Screen patient remotely

  • Consent

    Consent at site or remotely

  • Virtual Visit

    Schedule a clinic visit

  • Assess

    Complete assessments and diaries
    Respond to alerts/reminders

  • Communicate

    Communicate directly with site

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Medable’s ePRO features

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  1. Best in class provisioned devices and BYOD

    The only globally supported ePRO solution with 24×7 global helpdesk support. Medable provisions new devices resulting in lower failure rate and increased user satisfaction.

  2. Connected devices and mHealth

    Take remote measurements with sensors. Sync with connected devices: WiFi scale, Apple Watch, Continuous Glucose Monitor, Bluetooth connected pill bottle, Fitbit, etc.

  3. World class patient experience

    • Secure communications and notifications.
    • Send and receive secure messages between provider & patient
    • Patients receive feedback in real time through virtual visits
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Single log-in
    • Alerts and reminders
  4. Patient retention and engagement

    With telemedicine and virtual visits, increase patient retention and prevent drop-out to accelerate trial operations.

  5. Registration, screening and consent

    All direct to patient (eSignature, eConsent) and in real time. Re-consent patients in-app for protocol amendments, modified use of patient data, or new trial opportunities.

  6. Novel digital diagnostics, complete remote surveys and instruments

    Features include:

    • Simple or complex schedules
    • Image, audio or video capture
    • Branching for response-based data capture
    • Data or event-based contingencies
    • Active tasks: 6 Minute Walk Test, Gait and Balance, Visual Acuity,
    • Capture contextual data: patient location, air quality, weather, disease, and crime.

Our capabilities

Medable is digitizing the Clinical Trial process with:

  • Telemedicine
  • ePRO
  • eCOA
  • eConsent
  • Wearables and connected devices
  • mHealth and patient monitoring apps
  • Global device provisioning
  • Digital endpoint design
  • eQualification
  • Trial reporting and analytics