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Data-driven, decentralized clinical trials

A Decentralized Trial Platform that offers you a seamless and integrated experience to connect patients, sites, and clinical trial teams.


Medable provides decentralized trials, delivered on a global platform to unify clinical trial solutions


On a mission to reduce clinical trial timelines by 50%

Decentralized Trial Enterprise Platform

Medable's modular platform powers your study with direct-to-patient, protocol-fit digital solutions that enable better research and clinical care from recruitment to study close-out.

Medable's unique modular technology maximizes the benefit of digital in individual studies while our enterprise platform ensures interoperability for seamless data capture and analysis across users, systems, and geographies.



Quality and Safety

Our proprietary cloud technology ensures data-privacy and security across diverse geographies, worldwide. Medable is the world-leader in direct-to-patient data privacy and security for the life science industry.



Global Virtual Screening & Enrollment

Medable enables virtual screening and enrollment -  worldwide with zero wait-time - across therapeutic areas and phases with a unified and friction-free patient experience. Collapse enrollment timelines and improve trial access and diversity with remote screening and enrollment. 

enrollment and screening

Virtual and eConsent

Consent is critical to participant understanding and trust. Medable's consent solution provides the flexibility needed to deploy a global strategy for virtual or in-person consent, across a diverse and rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. 




Enable patients to connect to sites for on-study or off-study visits with ease and convenience. Medable provides the first global Part 11-compliant telemedicine solution with integrated consent and eCOA in a framework that provides the flexibility to delivery world-class patient care, remotely.

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An intuitive and versatile eCOA solution built for Clinicians, by Clinicians. Enable critical outcomes to be collected in-person, remotely, or through central investigators with our flexible eCOA module. 



Flexible ePRO for the most complex protocols. Medable's ePRO platform has undergone rigorous user testing, delivering a superior experience to optimize engagement and improve data quality.

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Wearables and connected devices

Connected devices, sensors, and wearables for patients in the real world. Medable provides a single user interface for a vast array of approved devices, seamlessly integrated into our patient application to ensure consumer-grade user experience and world-class security. 


World-class patient support, 24/7

Patients have seamless access to medical and technical support to ensure safety and on-going engagement. Our patient support solution ensures connectivity in over 40+ countries and languages.

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