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Consult with our network of patient advocates, advisors, and caregivers who have a diverse background in patient engagement and a strong understanding of patient preferences.

Increase Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity

Medable is committed to building a diverse group of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances to bring real and actionable perspective to decentralized clinical research. The PAC works to impact clinical trials and direct-to-patient clinical research by offering insights, guidance, and feedback on Medable projects and trials that touch specific disease states.

Meet the PAC

Joan Venticinque
PAC Member
"As a cancer survivor and patient advocate, I represent the collective views of survivors, patients and family members effected by cancer. As a PAC member, I leverage that experience to ensure research and clinical trials are patient-centered, relevant and reflect the patient's and caregiver's needs and concerns."
Jena Daniels
Medable PAC Advisor
"The Medable PAC provides a unique opportunity for key stakeholders to work together, and contribute their insights and experience to accelerate innovation. By integrating the patient voice within Medable’s digital and hybrid solutions, we offer a human-focused experience."
Richie Kahn
PAC Member
"As a health policy wonk by training, a clinical researcher by choice, and optic atrophy patient advocate by necessity, I came to the Medable PAC to learn from the patient community and incorporate the patient perspective across the clinical trial landscape to ultimately accelerate clinical trial timelines. "
Jennifer McNary
PAC Chair
"As the mother of two young adults with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and a patient advocate, I am excited to chair Medable’s PAC. By including the patient voice, we help to create a better patient experience and increase engagement with difficult-to-populate rare disease trials."
Paul Kidwell
PAC Member
"A family caregiver provides a myriad of physical as well as emotional support as they care for a family member or loved one. Caregivers must assume responsibilities of and for the patient while in parallel understand and address their own needs and their family. Caregivers are also an important conduit between patient and healthcare team; distilling the complexities of medical information while ensuring that the patient voice remain clear and consistent. Caregiving ain’t for sissies!!"
Sumaira Ahmed
PAC Member
"Passionate about utilizing my personal experiences as both a patient and advocate to make positive changes and impact in the rare disease community".
Allison Kalloo
PAC Member
“Joining the PAC at Medable has provided another critical access point for my mission to drive more diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials.”
Sierra Kulas
PAC Member
“I am a caregiver for two children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and an Advocate for terminal and chronic pediatric conditions. I hope to help optimize the landscape, efficiency, and access of pediatric clinical trials by bringing together my personal, non profit, and industry experience. Joining the PAC at Medable to better serve patients is my honor.”
Dr. Lindsey Matt
PAC Member
"Fortunate to utilize my experiences as both a mental health provider and cancer patient/survivor to advocate for the emotional needs of those engaged in clinical trials.”
Edie Stringfellow
PAC Member
As a BioPharma executive, Health Equity activist, and a caregiver, I joined the Medable Patient Advocacy Council because their actions align with my values. Medable embeds puts patients first in everything that they do and the team are great collaborators with those who share the same goal of bringing better health and a brighter future to patients worldwide.Patients are treated and seen as partners in medical advancements. Their focus on uncovering the unmet needs of the patient community and in turn mobilizing internal or external ways to address those needs is very inspiring to me.
Karen Utley
PAC Member
“As a mom to a child with CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder, a developmental epileptic encephalopathy, I understand the importance of patient advocacy. Through my non-profit/advocacy work, I have learned the patient voice is critical in treatment development. As part of the PAC, I hope to use my experience in community, industry, and medical care to make a broader impact across the rare disease space, leading to faster and targeted treatments that are accessible to those in need.”

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