Longmire Interviewed on the Long Live and Master Aging Podcast

Dr. Michelle Longmire, Medable CEO, is interviewed by Peter Bowes, BBC correspondent and host of the Long Live And Master Aging Podcast.  In this illuminating interview, Longmire talks about how the Palo Alto, California-based company is transforming the way clinical trials are performed by opening up the process to everyone.  Bowes writes: “Through its technology Continued

Longmire Featured as a “Bad Ass” Woman in Health Tech

Michelle Longmire, CEO of Medable, is featured as a “bad ass” woman in health tech.  Dr. Longmire is profiled in this Q&A, in which she talks about the founding of Medable, and how the company leverages technology to deliver healthcare.  

Medable in the News

Medable has been getting a lot of media attention:  new technology, thought leadership, partnership deals.  Read more about what we’ve been up to.

Medable Developer Documentation Updates

These past couple months there have been some exciting news for the developer communities – particularly in the iOS world and web dev world. In iOS, we saw the release of Swift 3.0 and Xcode 8 with the release of iOS 10. For web devs, Angular 2.0 received major updates from the release candidate and now is Continued

Medable Conference Roadshow (September Summary)

The Medable sales & marketing team has been on the road attending digital health conferences. Here are two big events that Medable sponsored this month: Health 2.0     The Connected Health Summit (hosted by Parks Associates)    

I got 99 problems but HIPAA ain’t one

Some time ago, I embarked on a journey to disrupt the pharmacy space. A lot of pharmacies today are slow and inaccurate, and, yes, everyone in line behind you will hear which meds you’re picking up. The obvious solution was on-demand delivery (Uber for prescriptions!). My co-founder and I dove head first into this highly Continued