Medable SVP Talks Digital Disruption in Clinical Trials

FOSTER CITY–Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, PhD, Medable’s Senior Vice President of Research and Strategy, will be speaking about innovation in clinical trials at tomorrow’s Bay Area Biotech-Pharma Statistics Workshop (BBSW).  Dr. Oakley-Girvan’s talk, “From Hypothesis to Reality”, will be held on November 6 at 8:20 am-10:00 am and focus on data collection, digital biomarkers and wearable devices Continued

CNS Summit: Medable Defines New Era of Clinical Trials

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA—Medable CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire will be on a CNS Summit 2018 panel today focusing on virtual clinical trials.  Medable is the first and only unified platform as a service for clinical trials. The platform enables seamless activity and actions for all stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem. To date, Medable has over 500,000 patients on Continued

Medable Discusses Clinical Trials at Eye For Pharma Patient Summit

PHILADELPHIA—In a conference focusing on how to engage and empower patients in clinical trials, Medable CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire today discussed the company’s work on the Digitome, which makes clinical trials a care option and a consumer experience while dramatically reducing the cost and time for life-saving therapies to get to market. The Digitome is a comprehensive Continued

Novartis Names Medable a Key Collaborator

Novartis AG announced the Novartis Biome, a new innovation lab, and named Medable Inc. as one of its collaborators. In an article in Bloomberg, the Swiss drugmaker announced that it is setting up innovation labs in cities around the world, starting with San Francisco.  “On one side, drugmakers are pushing to become faster and more efficient Continued

Medable Wins DPharm Idol Competition

Medable was named the winner of DPharm Idol at this year’s DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference. Medable is a platform that aims to build the first human Digitome, a digital representation of human health and disease, by removing the separation between clinical trial and real-world data through a seamless integration of all data sources. In Continued

FastCompany Names Michelle Longmire One of the Most Creative People In Business

Medable CEO Michelle Longmire was named by FastCompany Magazine as one of the world’s most creative people–visionaries affecting major change on entire industries and surfacing underrepresented faces and narratives. FastCompany celebrated Medable’s mission to provide a comprehensive platform for medical researchers, and Longmire’s work on the “Digitome,” a digital analog to the genome that represents all the Continued

TMC Venture Fund Awards Medable

TMC Venture Fund launches with $25 milllion.  We’re excited to announce that Medable is a recipient.  Read more here.

Longmire Interviewed on the Long Live and Master Aging Podcast

Dr. Michelle Longmire, Medable CEO, is interviewed by Peter Bowes, BBC correspondent and host of the Long Live And Master Aging Podcast.  In this illuminating interview, Longmire talks about how the Palo Alto, California-based company is transforming the way clinical trials are performed by opening up the process to everyone.  Bowes writes: “Through its technology Continued

Longmire Featured as a “Bad Ass” Woman in Health Tech

Michelle Longmire, CEO of Medable, is featured as a “bad ass” woman in health tech.  Dr. Longmire is profiled in this Q&A, in which she talks about the founding of Medable, and how the company leverages technology to deliver healthcare.  

Medable in The News

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