From security to safety

Medable is the leading technology platform in healthcare. We provide both the technology capability to ensure your applications are secure and compliant and world class, expert guidance on regulatory and compliance issues as they pertain to your Medable powered technology.

Medable Compliance Core works with every Medable company to provide strategic guidance based on your specific technology and geographic distribution goals.


Digital health technologies have the potential to improve lives across the world. It is important that your innovation has the opportunity to positively impact as many human lives as possible. Medable powered apps have globally compliant security backbone, so that the world is yours to change.


The regulatory ecosystem surrounding digital health applications is evolving. Medable’s Compliance Core focuses on regulatory issues so that you can focus on your technology. Our team has global expertise in regulated medical devices from hardware to applications. From Class III regulated devices to apps as medical devices, we need to unlock the potential of digital to transform healthcare. Medable Compliance Core works with your team to understand your current technology and future goals to ensure that regulatory hurdles are addressed early and appropriately.


Medable is dedicated to enabling tightly regulated industries like Biopharma to be leaders in digital health innovation. We do this by working closely with your team and technology to provide strategic guidance and leadership to navigate the regulatory and compliance landscape so that your innovation can positively impact patient lives and clinical processes, safely and with the proper regulatory and compliance framework.